When it comes to the SEO services, content is the heart of any online campaign and a major imperative factor for the success of your strategy. There is a high inclining demand for the high quality and relevant content from our clients. We provide the most engaging, readable and the most relevant text that makes a substantial difference in the results of any marketing campaign. Our team of in-house writers specializes in providing some really engaging articles to grab the attention of the specific target audiences. Our writers are well- trained in the domain of SEO and understand the requirements demanded by each website they write for.


SEO friendly content writing

Our content writers produce smart content that is SEO friendly and are totally focused on the right utilization of the keywords and the phrases frequently associated with the web user’s from your target market, which in turn associate’s them to your website in a positive manner. This rightly enables a greater chance of rightly indexing and also the ranking by the search engines that are insistent on the proper indexing of the website as per the relevance amongst many other things.


When it particularly comes to writing of the online content, the various web users tend to scan rather than read the text carefully skipping the content they consider to be irrelevant or unnecessary. That is where we come in, our crew of SEO experts, the account managers and content architects collaborate in the strategic composition of the perfect content in order to improve the Google rankings.


Our clients commend our combined efforts in rightly offering an extensive array of the content writing services for various platforms giving a completely powerful exposure of the client’s website and also endorsing their products in the global market in the best possible manner. Our strategy also involves the writing of the SEO content that attracts and engages your website visitors making which means they continue to browse the site and stay longer with a greater chance of becoming customers.


Website Content

Content is the major key, without a strong knowledge of the content, consideration for the rights and the commercial interest of the creators, and the right keyword usage, any probable attempt to market your website online would very badly fail irrespective of how fantastic the aesthetic appeal of your website is.


The IQ Channel’s team can rightly take care of all these particular elements for you ensuring your website is completely relevant, engaging and also meets all the major requirements for a higher search index.


It is not a very easy task to write content that is the SEO optimized and yet quite appealing to the reader. Our writers have the required talent for delivering the SEO content that is informative, educational, well-researched, understandable and well-presented to engage the readers.


Identifying the right and relevant keywords decides the fate of any particular piece of content and our experts in the keyword analytics work hard towards the tremendous maximizing of the target audience.


Since the website visitor searches for the website for relevant terms, we ensure that there is a total composition of search engine-friendly words that come with the inspirational and educational content for users to read.


Our talented pool of the writers with the help of SEO experts who have expertise keyword analysis, recognize and deliver the content with the best Ad words which help you to retain a constant ‘finger on the pulse’ of search engine-favorable keywords that are frequently used and ranked.


Custom-made for SEO, the articles that are developed by our writers never compromise on the rich keywords and phrases used to bring traffic, ranking and identity in the online market.


Each website has its own specifications and these are the primary requirements that pull in or push away the target audience. Writing content could be really spontaneous but writing a SEO content needs a niche skill that comes with the years of experience and comprehensive analysis of the subject to imitate the anticipations of not only the clients but also traffic generating audience.


Our writers possess the extremely sound knowledge of what they are doing, and to help the client prevail in the market they believe in thorough analysis before stating a fact. And that is the reason the content that is poorly researched does not pull in as much visitors as the genuine and fully researched content.